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PostSubject: In-Game-Communication   In-Game-Communication Icon_minitimeFri Oct 26, 2007 4:10 pm

This is about finding a good VoIP that keeps a balance between quality and system/traffic usage.

During the last few years of using VoIP programs for In-Game-Communication I had to discover that there is no really satisfactory solution :
Either the sound quality is bad or the data transfer causes a weaver-like TimeLapse - also called lagg Wink
Both alternatives (typically TS vs Skype being the two extremes) are not very desirable in my opinion !
Additionally there is the problem of compatibility with different operating systems...

However I have recently discovered another alternative that seems to offer a compromise (medium quality and medium resource usage) that is available for Windows, Mac and Linux!
It's called Gizmo Project and can be downloaded free of charge at:
It is also possible to connect to Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and Windows Live users without them having to install Gizmo.

Not yet convinced I compared the efficiency of Skype, TS, Wengo Phone and Gizmo. Here are the results (capacity usage shown in the Windows Task-Manager) :

Wengo Phone : 37.988 K
Skype : 35.704 K
Gizmo : 19.844 K
TS : 11.756 K

These figures are without calling anyone... obviously they go up with every new contact you make.

Your computer might show slightly different values but I think one gets the idea...
Gizmo uses a bit more than half of what Wengo/Skype uses und only a bit more than TS. The quality however is much better!

I'm now quite certain that it's worth trying Gizmo as an alternative to Skype and TS! and would like to hear your opinion.

Oh and finally a piece of general advice Razz :
People don't seem to realise that minimizing programs to the tray can considerably reduce the weight they put on your system! And while playing a game you don't really need to look at your contact list or music player do you? Wink

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PostSubject: Re: In-Game-Communication   In-Game-Communication Icon_minitimeSat Oct 27, 2007 6:34 pm

Just tested Gizmo with nf.David, and it's great!
Takes only about half of the capacities compared to skype, and the voice quality is the same (means, ten times better than Teamspeak, and NO DELAY!).

By my authority as teh Clan Leader, I recommend you all to download Gizmo!
Let's try it next time Cool

- Judicator
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