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 Off-topic, soccer Rudelbildung ^^

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Off-topic, soccer Rudelbildung ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Off-topic, soccer Rudelbildung ^^   Off-topic, soccer Rudelbildung ^^ Icon_minitimeFri Oct 26, 2007 11:52 am

Heya all,

just got this link from a friend, and for all of you who play or played soccer or just watch it, here comes a display of an almost perfect "Rudelbildung" (dunno how to translate that ;-) ). Quite funny to watch, especially the first guy just whacking the guys trying to be cool with teh b411 ^^

anyway, here it comes:

if only our ganks worked as well (all players in one place as fast ;-) )...

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Off-topic, soccer Rudelbildung ^^
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